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 Important Guidelines if you participate on this forums !

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Important Guidelines if you participate on this forums ! Empty
PostSubject: Important Guidelines if you participate on this forums !   Important Guidelines if you participate on this forums ! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 11:49 am

1. Do not post anything discriminating or offensive in nature, including pictures and comments
No explanation should be needed. Do not post it. You may as well paint a big "ban me" tattoo on your forehead. In the end, the Staff is the sole judge of what is considered acceptable. If you have any doubts about the contents of something you want to post, feel free to contact a Moderator or if available an Admin.

No excessive flaming or inflammatory posts obviously intended to start a fight or get a reaction or to provoke another person.

2. A heated discussion can be okay, personal attacks never are. Please do not degrade or discourage others by posting things such as "You are an 'idiot' or 'moron'", etc. Malicious users or those that obviously signed up to ridicule others will get banned on the spot, without warning.

3. No excessive off-topic posting.
Do not create nonsense threads with absolutely no redeeming value (spam) such as 'What color do you like best' outside of the Spam Forum. This includes posts obviously intended for post count, such as 'hello' or 'nt' etc. With regard to replies, however, there is only a 3-character limit on how short your post can be. Regardless, this post must reflect on the topic.

4. No troublemaking
Starting problems for the sake of stirring up waves will get you removed. This is forum-wide, including private messages and reputation comments. Treat members with the same respect that you would expect others to treat you.

5. No porn/nudity/graphic content.
DO NOT post links on the forums, in your signature or profile to pornographic sites or images. DO NOT post, link or make available anything that could be considered obscene, sexually explicit (partial nudity), pornographic, violent, racist, abusive, insulting, threatening, offensive, disgusting, harassing, in violation of the law or in violation of any of the individual forum rules. Any image contained in your profile which borderlines on this rule, or tries to 'get around it' through editing means will have it removed by the Forum Staff.

6. No CD cracks, hacks, "warez", or P2P (Peer2Peer) software.
Do not ask for 'No CD' cracks, CD keys or help with mod chips. Do not discuss or post links to sites that have roms, sites with illegal video or audio downloads, or anything that could potentially violate copyright laws. If you think it is a questionable link, do not post it. P2P Sites and links are not allowed to be posted. Face it, we all know that they are used 99% for downloading illegal content. Bittorrent is an exception, and only in certain cases. In such cases, a staff member will approve the thread or post by posting in it to show legitimacy.

7. Advertising outside of The Shameless Advertiser forum is forbidden.
DO NOT create advertisement threads or posts for off-site things such as any type of referral site or trading/selling DVDs, games, clubs, websites, contests, etc. (NOTE: You may advertise your personal site in your signature.) DO NOT send unsolicited private messages to our members advertising things such as any type of referral site or trading/selling DVDs, off-site clubs, contests, etc. Please use it. Advertisements in all places will be removed.

8. Signature Rules.
Signatures must not contain offensive or distasteful images or slogans or anything else that violates these Rules. (For more information on Nazi imagery, please read this announcement). Signatures may contain any combination of images and text as long as the total size of the signature does not exceed 800 by 160 pixels. Additionally, signatures cannot contain more than 300 characters; this includes the various coding available for use. Members who use signatures, which fall outside of these limits, will have the ability to have a signature removed, and the ability to edit the user profile page will also be lost for any duration decided by the staff.

9. Do not ignore staff warnings or test patience or boundaries.
Any post, threads or messages that, in our sole judgment, appear to violate the Forum Rules may be deleted without notice. We also reserve the right to remove any posting ability and limit or terminate access to anyone for any reason at any time without notice.

10. Disrespect to staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances
Moderators and Administrators are volunteers and are here to help you. They did not volunteer to take your disrespect. Conversely, if you feel that you have been mistreated by a Moderator, please contact one of the Super Moderators (recognizable by their green names) for assistance. If you cannot reach any of them at the time, but feel you need this resolved ASAP you are fully entitled to contact any one of them via private message and describe your problem to them. They will be able to help you to the best of their abilities. Additionally, you can find a complete staff list here to help you get in touch with them.

Agreement to the Terms of Service
Lastly, when you registered with these forums, you agreed the Terms of Service (or Rules). It was that text box you checked that said you agree in case you have forgotten when. Ignorance is no excuse; the ToS are not something to be broken. Furthermore, by agreeing to follow these Rules, you also agree, that from this point forward, we will close/delete threads started by individuals who don't to follow these rules

These rules can be changed at anytime for any reason the Administration sees fit. While we will give proper notice on the changes, it is your responsibility to review them as soon as you can.

Thank you for reading unerstanding and obey these simple set of Rules.

Your Admin Staff
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Important Guidelines if you participate on this forums !
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