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 Welcome to the Dark Lords...

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Welcome to the Dark Lords... Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Dark Lords...   Welcome to the Dark Lords... Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 10:13 pm

a new formed Clan to the New Universe server. As most of you know, Lord Plagus and myselfs been Members of the Demon Clan, wich
still is a very strong clan to the server. Since lately, many players joined other games, and some internal problems occured, we decided to start
a new clan. Since we both love the dark side, it was easy to decide to bring the Dark Lords to the new Universe.

Also in anticipation of the new Version of the mod, wich is expected to be released soon, we thought it is just a perfect momentum to start something new.
So starting from scratch, trying to combine the expirience of pilots willing to join the dark side.

At this moment we are still in the early stages of establishing our presence on the server, but we are working on a basic and simple set of clan rules, that every player has to obey.
Of course we will implement the New Universe server rules to be as the main guide line. But also a code of conduct for the Dark Lords will be implemented.
Again, we will try to make it as simple and easy for all our members to follow our Guide Lines, since we know to many rules will kill the fun.

Also we will try to use our new forums to communicate with our members a lot than it was the case in other clans in the past.
I invite every member to make this clan very active and fun to join. On the server as well as on this forums.

If any of you have any suggestions what to add to this forum, please feel free to make posts in the appropriate sections.

For now... id like to point out, that we are still working on this forum.
There are many features not activated, but we have first to check whats useful or not.

Now lets get on the server and work on our etablishment.

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Welcome to the Dark Lords...
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