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 Underverse Guideline

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PostSubject: Underverse Guideline   Underverse Guideline Icon_minitimeThu Jan 21, 2010 4:08 am

The UnderVerse Manual is your guide to the UnderVerse. Don't sell it! An Admin, called a ~Purifier~ or a ~Regulator~, will give you money for it once you have read it. Please visit our website at http://UnderVerse.us for a full description of each faction.

The UnderVerse started two years ago. We liked certain things about several mods, and hated other things. Since we couldn't find everything we liked in ONE mod, we decided to build our own! I spent the first two months doing research, mostly reading the incredible amount of info on Lancer's Reactor. Then I spent the next month ripping stuff out of the original game to see what could go and what had to stay to make a working Total Conversion Mod. I got the package down to about 6mb zipped. Wink On New Years Eve 2006 we had our first Alpha test (with 8 custom systems and new factions) and it was a rousing success. With 21 people playing over a 24 hour period (with no server reboots) it stayed stable with no crashes. The game was on! The help was still pouring in from my teammates and the creative juices were flowing.

Thanks to Shark, we have an incredible server to host this on. Based in Fort Worth Texas, it is a dual Xeon P4 2.8gb machine sitting on an International trunk. Our speed tests show an uncapped 24gb upload and 13gb down bandwidth. Wow!

Would you like to host this mod? We would be honored...but let us get this server populated and running first. At some point we should decide to open it to the public for hosting. It will probably be in the form of an UnderVerse-lite version with all of the copywritten stuff removed.

Now, onto the story!

Based on the Chronicles of Riddick trilogy, we take you slightly into the future from the end of the third movie. It is now 30 years since Riddick sat on the throne and became the Necromonger leader. One of the first things he did was to stop the advance of the fleet into more territories and had them fall back to home space. Then he freed all who remained from the truely demolished worlds, Furyans being the first. Once news of this surfaced, other non-purified survivors began returning to their home systems to start the slow process of re-population. Riddick himself disappeared 15 years ago, his whereabouts and fate unknown.
Now the houses are stirring again.
Now the war drums are sounding again.
Where will you be when it all starts again?!


Server rules and information:

Anyone may feel free to jump into the server to look around, but please don't use any tag other than your clan one (as listed below). We have specific rules about tags and role play (visit our website at http://underverse.us for full rules):


1. Name restrictions
2. Roleplay
3. New clans
4. Freelancers
5. Major Factions
6. Merchants
7. Others
8. Admin and event characters
9. Reserved system, Canis Major
10. Miscellaneous

Full descriptions:

1) Name restrictions: No one may use the names Riddick or Vin Diesel, they are reserved for the real McCoy should he ever come to visit us.

2) Roleplay: There are no Pirates here! Nor Police or Bounty Hunters. The Sirius Sector does not exist here. You must learn The UV roleplay to enjoy this mod in its full effect. You may only tax others in your home system (once you own one) or in your faction space. But taxing is not the motivation here, roleplay is. Each of the four major factions has a sworn enemy, they are diagonally opposite you on the map. Don't attack anyone under rank 50 (fifty) unless they attack you first. No clan may own, control or watch more than one system (other than the protection of your fellow faction systems and Capitol), period. There are no base or system takeovers here. [X] pirate tags are forbidden.

3) New Clans: Your Clan must apply and be approved by the admins before putting on a faction tag (Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger or Merchant). To apply, you must have at least three members, all of whom have flown in the UnderVerse for two weeks with minimal infractions. To define your 'start' day each member must post in the "Hello, I am new here" thread so we know when you arrived. Once those requirements are met you may request a faction and a home system. The system will cost you money, it will take the whole two weeks or more to make this amount. Your initial faction request may be denied or delayed if there are already too many active members in that faction, we attempt to balance the factions so one is not more numerous than the others. Please understand this is good role-play when we make these decisions. An individual may join an existing Faction Clan at any time if they accept you (and you have been here two weeks with minimal infractions). Members of a clan may not fly a non clan tagged character.

4) Freelancers: When you first arrive in the server to look around, you may already be part of an established team. If you are, feel free to use that name in brackets, like I would do with my name, [RIP]DwnUndr. If you stay to play without joining a Major faction, but join battle against one, then you may become a target. To start or join a faction you must have flown here for 2 weeks with minimal infractions.

5) Major Factions:
Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger

Please note that we do not give special weapons or ships to each faction or clan. Merchants are the only ones that can buy certain equipment.

Once you have been approved by the Admins on the underverse.us BB to join a faction, you must create new characters (or ask an admin to rename an existing one) named thusly:

[F] (for the Furyan faction)
[R] (for the Rykengoll faction)
[E] (for the Elemental faction)
[N] (for the Necromonger faction)

Those tags go at the end of your name.

See our website for the history and storyline for each of these Major factions.

For example, I am [RIP]DwnUndr[F], a Furyan on Team RIP.

If you don't normally have [] or {} around your clan name, no problem, but your clan won't show up on the active teams stats list.

The above four Major factions define the UnderVerse. As stated above you must apply and be approved by the Admins before putting on a faction tag. As stated above, your clan must have (and maintain) at least three members, no solo or duo member clans allowed. Each Major faction has a Blood Enemy that can be attacked on sight (unless they are under level 50) except in the below mentioned systems.

6) Merchants:

Merchants are considered a non-Major faction and the pilots shall be named thusly:

[clan name]pilot name[M]

Merchants are not considered a Major fighting faction like the ones above, but they are a faction and can buy systems (with admin approval). Merchants have access to special items that you can't buy. You may shoot them if you like, but then they may not sell to you. Shoot them often enough and not only will they not sell to you or your entire clan, but they may band together into a Guild and not sell to your entire faction. Every action has a consequence in the UnderVerse. An individual may NOT become a Merchant, you must join or form a clan, just like the Major factions.
Individual clans in the Merchants 'may' choose to join sides with a faction to join in the fighting fun, which is up to them. But you may then be declared hostile by their blood enemy.
Merchant Guilds: There may be one or more Guilds of Merchants and a clan may elect to join a guild. One guild may be friendlier to one side than the other, it is all in the roleplay. Hopefully the Merchant Clans will police themselves as they create Guilds so no one faction is automatically cut-off from supplies. Guilds may add a [guildname] tag after their normal names if you wish. eg [CLAN]name[GUILD][M]

7) Others: non-roleplay and ~Guardian~

[non]pilotname (for non-roleplay people). You may not participate in any events. You may attack someone if you choose but you may be attacked back regardless of rank.

~Guardian~pilotname. This special clan is by invite only from the admins. The ~Guardian~ are a special breed. They are not admins and they are not exactly police. They are not directly involved in roleplay and will not join any faction in a war. You may attack them if you wish, but be warned...they will be granted special weapons. ~Guardian~s shall keep the peace when they see the need. If any pilot or clan goes too far out of it's designated roleplay, the ~Guardian~ shall be REQUIRED to step in and 'correct' them. If they do not, they shall be relieved of their duties by the admins and their characters deleted. They are not allowed to own a system. Think of them as the Knights in shining armor, the call of fair play is their duty. All inhabitants of the UnderVerse should thank them for their selfless service and offer them a place to repair their ships, some food and drink, a bit of money when needed and a soft bed to sleep on.

Cool Admin and Event characters:

~Purifier~ are the Admins. They will resolve disputes, perform faction edits, etc. They are to be obeyed at all times. While in uniform they cannot play, they are here to help.

They fly admin ships with admin weapons.

~Regulator~ are server helpers, assigned by the Admins. The Admins will watch to see who would make a good candidate for this position. They will have limited ability to edit a player, but they can solve disputes and shall be obeyed.

Event characters...some of these may be Admins, others may participate by invitation. One of our events is known as Whack-a-Mole. You have to see this to believe it, hehe.

9) The Canis Major system in Furyan space is the only system that has a "reserved" planet. In this case it is for RIP, the ones who have brought you this mod. Since we may visit any other server hosting this besides our own we request that the planet called "RIP Homeworld" be reserved for us. The other planet in the system (Planet Crest) may be occupied by a resident Furyan faction with the understanding that "RIP Homeworld" is reserved for us should we visit. Fair enough, eh? Also, the Battleship Phenomena which orbits the RIP Homeworld shall not be occupied by anyone at any time. It is in memory of one of our fallen brothers.

10) Miscellaneous:

You may only be ONE of the following in the UnderVerse...Rykengoll, Furyan, Elemental, Necromonger, Merchant, Freelancer or non-roleplay. The only exceptions to this rule are for ~Purifier~, ~Regulator~, ~Guardian~ and Event Characters (and only with Admin approval).

I repeat, you may only belong to ONE faction! If in a Major faction you may NOT have a Merchant, Freelancer nor a non-roleplay pilot! While following the above naming conventions, your actual pilot name may be anything that is not offensive and your five ship names do not need to be similar.

Absolutely no other faction designations are allowed, it is messy, unsightly and confusing. If you want to play here, you must adopt these naming conventions. Your pilot name can be anything (not offensive), but the two bracketed areas must follow the above rules. Do not use [x] for pirate or anything like that, they don't exist here.

If out on a hunt for your enemy you may pursue as long as you wish and through as many systems as you wish. To make sure fights do not last too long for one side or the other we ask that after engaging and killing your enemy, if they ask to be left alone that is to be respected and followed even if all in the group that attacked has not killed that pilot. We have to remember some are not here to fight or they might get tired of the fight quicker than others. If someone does not leave a pilot alone after a kill when asked will result in fine or sent to jail. This can only be used after a kill not before and just like taxing it’s good for an hour.

Battles...While it is fine to enter an enemies system and engage them, keep the battle moving. If you and some teammates camp too long outside someone’s home base and repeatedly kill them as they undock, that would be a violation of the articles of war in any civilized nation. Admin action could be taken or the ~Guardian~ might take notice. Please remember why we are here...to relax, have fun and role play...not to run people off the server.

Dock killing...If you shoot at anyone within 10 seconds of them undocking from a planet, base, Jumpgate or wormhole you are in serious trouble. During that time they are still in animation and do not have control of their ship. Penalties will be decided by the Admins...you won't like them...don't do it. Simply stay 5km off their docking ring, base, Jumpgate or wormhole to avoid this problem. The rule is 10 Seconds and 5K but if someone starts taunting but are just outside a dock they are free to get killed.

A blockade is defined as leaving one or more fighters, cruisers, bombers or battleships sitting in another faction's space with the intent of disrupting a trade route. This is not allowed! Normal transits of fighters, cruisers, bombers or battleships is allowed for the purpose of exploration and/or escort. These ships have to keep moving and may fire on enemies when their escort is under direct attack. Blockading your own faction space IS permitted. This rule applies to all factions.

Taxing: Remember that there are no pirates here. Don't go around the UnderVerse taxing merchants and the like, you will draw the attention of the ~Guardian~. You may only tax in your owned system (up to $10 million per pilot per hour) or in your faction space (up to $5 million per pilot per hour), but not both combined amounts on the same pilot in the same hour. No pilot may be taxed by more than one person in one system more than once per hour. That is stated very plainly. If they fail to pay the tax, fire on you or attempt to flee, they are open game until you kill them or they kill you.

Cheating with accounts: We are aware that sometimes two or more people in the same house may play on this mod. If so, to keep things straight, we require that you all be in the same faction so no hanky panky is done. IPs are logged, Freelancer account numbers are logged, we will know if you have been good or bad! Enough said, eh?

No roleplay fighting is allowed in the following systems: Either chat system (friendly pvp ok), the Origin, the four systems in each of the North and South 'Road to Glory' areas, and the two NPC Challenge Arenas. Furthermore, no interference of any kind is allowed in those last 10 of those 13 mentioned systems, physical or verbal.

Language...keep it civil. Children do play here and we will not be amused.

Discussion of other mods in-game or on the forums...we encourage it! While I have tried very hard not to directly copy anything from any other mod, there will be similarities (like destructable base events, etc). Many mods use those so I don't consider them special to any one mod. If you found something really cool in another mod, I would be happy to hear about it, maybe we can adopt or adapt it. Please don't use our forums to hammer another mod, nor to hammer us. All mod makers are trying to make a fun environment for you to play in and everyone has a bad day. We don't need to hear about yours.

Other forms of cheating...it is not necessary to spell them all out. Punishment will be dealt. Our prison is called Crematoria. Escape is not possible, but the attempt will be spectacular.

Are you an admin of another server? Dudes!!! Welcome! Feel free to use your real name and explore to your hearts content. Be sure to say hello. Wink

The UnderVerse in flight:

First, turn your music up a bit! We have audio messages in many places and other special sounds as well. Wink

We decided that planet diving and Sun diving is in poor taste. Doing it while running from a fight will rapidly earn you an unwanted reputation, So will F1'ing out of a fight.

However, we all know that sometimes you may be loaded with valuable cargo in a ship that can't stand up to a fighter. Your reputation is your own, decide how you must.
You will start out friendly with most custom npc's. For the most part, killing any red with you is good, few other npc factions will become hostile as a result. As always, killing non-red npc's may result in you having to get a bribe to get friendly with them again.

NPC Challenge Arenas: Welcome to a new concept (as far as I know)! No longer do you have to take missions just to beat up on the residents of the UnderVerse. There are two of these systems on opposite sides of the 'verse with different NPC's in each (hint, heh). When you jump in you will see multiple trade lanes branching off marked "3 challenges', '5 challenges', etc. Choose how many you wish to fight and jump into the trade lane and engage. Your reward will be the loot they drop. If you wish comrades to join in the fights, that is fine. Do NOT interfere where you have not been invited.

North and South 'Road to Glory' areas: These two areas have four systems each. You must traverse the first three to get to the fourth. The catch? The wormholes to the next are heavily guarded. It seems the only way through is to take missions for the system residents. The rewards? The opportunity to buy Ultra VHF's, Gunships, Cruisers and Bombers. Do NOT interfere where you have not been invited.

The Mosh Pit!!! Feeling frosty?! Wink The two entrances to this system each have a planet to dock at before traveling to the center of the system. There lies the Central Stage, complete with strobe lights and head banging music. This is a free-for-all arena. All bets are off if you enter here, anyone can attack anyone regardless of alignment (except [non]pilots, under rank 50 pilots, admins). Need a little excitement? Here it is! No whining if you get whacked in your freighter if you used this system as a shortcut.

The Graveyard: Here lies the remnants of the Coalsack system, another Necromonger victory. Beware of the extremely high radiation while you search the wrecks of various ships here.

Fame or Shame: The Destructable bases system...This special place has four bases. While you can play here with your friends anytime you want to, times will also be set for admin-run events with nice payouts to the participants. Ship restrictions will be up to the Admins.

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