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 unfound glory

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PostSubject: Re: unfound glory   unfound glory Icon_minitimeFri Feb 26, 2010 5:34 am


Guest wrote:
ou cry and cry about others killing you in your trader and how big they think they are for killing them but look at the big bad rattlesnake here reveling in his victory of doing the same.

Get your fatcs straight. Nobody ever killed me in my trader so far.

Im not going to discuss with you.

Just that much from my side.

You seem to have a big problem with yourselfs. You take things from a game way to serious.
Everything in that virtual world on the UV seem to have a serious effect to your personality.
All the things that happen there, you seem to take very personal.
You also seem not to be able to control your emotions.

If i just look at your style of language that you use to interact with other players shows me that your personality has some serious malfunctions.
For the last few days ive been talking to several ppl on the underverse, including Tiberius about your behaviour.
None of them, do support you on your vendetta against yourselfs. In a way we all feel sorry for you, and we hope that you can get over yourselfs and start acting like an adult human beeing.

You started the sport to go after our traders. You did it as you say for the roleplay!
You chased me the other day, failing to kill me, cuz i was just clever.
You then been camping in front of that planet waiting for me to undock with my trader so you can shoot it down like you go hunting rabbits with a tank.
I asked you what the point is of shooting at a trader with no commodities aboard.
You then said you kill your enemies support lines.
Also u told me you suffer from insomnia, and you cant sleep and if neccessary you will sit there for 2 weeks and wait untill i undock.
Saying something like that just shows, that something is wrong right there.
And when u been busy playing with your other account, i escaped to another system and switched chars.
Then you accused me for F1ing out.
You really should read the server rules, and also read soupmans comments on Tiberius post about the roleplay and the layout of the rules.
Im really sorry that you have such problems to get the clue.

Now after we started to do the same sport to you, hunting and shooting down your traders, you come here and cry like a kid.
We now give you back your own medicine, and you sure hate it. Its a typical reaction.

I saw that you jump all over the UV forums and drop comments on almost everything, wich shows me that you actually have a dire need to get attention.
That isnt of any importance to me. Do whatever you think you need to do.

But do yourselfs, your clanmates, the Admins of the UV as well as all the rest of the players on the server a favour, and just stop your childish style.
You will get nowhere if you insult others, other that it will get you in trouble.

And if you dont stop posting crap on our forum, ill disable your ability to do so.

Rattlesnake out...
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Posts : 106
Join date : 2009-11-25
Age : 62

unfound glory Empty
PostSubject: Re: unfound glory   unfound glory Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 8:40 am

Jesus Christ HK...

Get a live Dude.

Your EGO is way up in the air.

You dont wanna get it. Im not bragging about anything. I just postet a yay cuz i gave u back your own medicine since you been dock camping with big ships on jumpholes waiting for traders to come through, so you can gather a cheap kill.

And as for F1...

The last couple days im receiving more and more reports, about [AR] using that tactics more than anyone else.
What a change!!!


Ive been on freelancer since day 2 it was out. Everything you did, i did before you did it.
Ive been Admin myselfs on two of the first FL servers, back in March 2003.
Back then, there was no Hunterkiller around.
Not on any Admins only Forums nor elsewhere.
Back in the days there been lotsa interesting ppl around on LR, most of them are gone nowadays.
Weve been chasing cheaters back in the days with no tools.
So gimme a break with your bragging about that your a big part of the Freelancer History.

Ive never been banned on any server in all these years.
And you have no clue about what happened on NU and why i got banned, so you shouldnt even talk about it, since you have no facts.
Also i dont care what you do on other servers forums if ur not even playing there.

Fact is... the Adminteam plus most of the players on the Underverse know you well for your ego vendettas.

And believe me, nobody here thinks you are as special as you seem to be to yourselfs.
You are just a member as anyone else.

Now get over yourselfs, before i completely kick you outta here.

End of the story...

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unfound glory
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